Are You Linking?

Are You Linking

The eBay powersellers will always have a story to tell and to show how many links they have created for their website. Unique traffic arrives from various sources; the eBay powersellers have managed to get many back links coming to any of their websites from various sources. When it comes to the visible page rank of your site, back links are what all the powersellers are always competing for with the rest of the sellers.

There are lots of techniques to creating links that will haunt the new seller,Visitor elevators are (in an Internet sense) like the powersellers do.

The visitors first have to search for the link to the seller’s site, then they have to click and at the same time read a recommendation (What is in this for me?) on the way before they end up in the doorway. The powerseller identifies the needs of the visitors (easier said than done!) and takes care to fulfill their requests (easier said than done!), all in a way that appeals to the visitors.

The better the seller, the more they’ll receive in the end. The more links creating you get, the more frequent the traffic and the better your page rank. Always focus on exactly what the visitors are looking for. When they hit their search term (e.g. pokergalaxy) then they’re looking for antique cars.

Think of a customer looking for antique cars with the word antique in it. The cars will be counted as the products you’re selling, not just one or two, but as individual units or whole lots of the same products.

Visitor elevators are another tool that is absolute necessity. Most people, especially newbies tend to favor email schemes. An email with a link to your website. The more effort you’re going to put in to email marketing, the better the results.

Pay attention to the people you are sending messages to. Using this rule, if you are promoting a product on the Internet then focus on the website, products. That’s what people’re looking for in the website. If we are talking, and talking only about one product, we must talk only about the content, the words that’s related to the product.

If the visitor is looking for a pizza, the pizza they find on your website is a good product to buy. If they don’t find exactly what they bought on your website, then what will they read to get some information, even if it’s found it?

What is the last thing they want? Tell me what’s the last thing people want, tell me what’s the last thing I wanted to buy? Some people can remember it, especially when email flooded with the “buy now, very limited, very limited” stuff. The slow ones remember it, they remember even a single price and how others were selling it, and you, because they know the product.

It’s the same thing with your website. They search the website for all the information, the present, the past and the future and they didn’t find it.

It’s possible that they tried all this things on a search engines and they were nowhere near to the results. That’s why they’re in the squeeze page already on your site. They visit your sites with the product on. This way your niche market will find what they are looking for, and they get the exact solution you are offering them! Who says you cannot earn money by using Google?