Casino Talkshop

Casino Talkshop

Over the past year, since its inception, the Casino Talkshop has been becoming well known and very successful in what it can do for the players. However, does this mean that it is a good casino to play with? The owner of this e-site provides a different perspective from all the rest of the casinos that are out there.

Here is his story:

My name is Ronald Williams and I have been addicted to gambling for 15 years. I was a middle-order dealer in a casino where I made $84,000 a year. I was married and had a young child at the age of 23. Gambling was all I had to do and I was perfectly content doing it. I was always afraid some one would catch me.

At the instance that I made $34,900 in one day, I hedged out of the Casino and the money found its way into my bank account. From there it spread to all of my credit cards, which I had no control over. It was a roller coaster ride of epic proportions.

I thought long and hard about what to do with the $84,000 I made that day. I was racked with so much guilt, that the thought of betraying my family and friends made me sick. They were my friends and I loved them… hell, they made me loves so, so much. But, I had to stay. I had dreams of glitz and glory and standing on the shoulders of giants. I was ready to yield to nothingness and to earn the big bucks.

This is what happened next:

  • I quit my job.
  • I popped out to friends and family to play the Casino Games I loved.
  • I spent the rest of my money on food, drugs and alcohol.
  • I slowly lost everything from the $500 memory stick, to the $1,000 strip.

Now, this is the part where you say, “Wait, aren’t you going to the Casino to beat the Casino?”

My friends and family were cheering me on. They were also dying with impatience. They were hoping I would win so that they could also rake in some of the Casino Slot Machines Jackpot. I was hooked on poker; I was a real addict. I could not resist the Casino Slot Machines. I played until I was down to a few hundred dollars. Then I changed my game to Blackjack. I hit a few winning hands. I left the Casino with over $1,800.

You got the picture. I was a fool to go to the Panen138 and waste my money. But, to prove my point, let me tell you some of the stories of some of my previous Casino trips.

Once, I went to have dinner with some friends. Since the food here is cheap, I figured I would take advantage of the buffet. I pushed all of my money in the slot and still lost. I eventually just wiped the money away.

Another time, I went to have dinner with the same friends. After the food, we got into a heated debate over their favorite casino game. They wanted to play vegetables. I camped out in front of the video game for five hours while they beat the game and I got $200 in ten minutes.

Before you start making any money, you need to train your brain to put yourself in the position to make the best decisions. You need to continually challenge yourself and this should become a habit. If you push yourself too hard, you will say, “It’s not fair that I play so many numbers and lose so little.” Instead of challenging yourself and making the best decision, you say, “Oh, f*** it, I am going to get Bogot faster than a speeding train,” and “I am going to run out of money,” and “I can’t leave.” These are all examples of when you can’t bear to leave the comfort of your own home and Casino whenever the mood strikes you.

The thought process that leads to your winning Casino Slot Machines may be rather than winning, you just might win.