Roulette Betting Strategies – Can You Beat and Cheat the Casino to Maximise Winnings?

Roulette Betting Strategies - Can You Beat and Cheat the Casino to Maximise Winnings

In this article I will discuss the mainstream betting strategies most commonly used in casinos, or at least what I know about them, and how you can use them to win more at roulette or some other game.

Most everyone who goes to a casino, or any other betting establishment, is aware of the roulette wheel and how it spins. Even those who haven’t walked through a gaming cell yet recognise what a “roulette wheel” is. And they’re under the impression that the roulette wheel is “random”. Actually, that’s not entirely correct. The “randomness” of a roulette wheel is actually quite a complex issue, and a lot of mathematics goes into it. However, an old definition of random is “the distribution of given masses in a detector of random function.”

Because the roulette wheel is thrown by an independent actor, its outcome is not controlled by the previous spin. If you can find out what the outcomes of the spins are, you can actually control the outcome and make the roulette game into a game of skill. In fact, mathematical steady-weights prove to be quite useful when you want to calculate the outcomes of the spins.

The most common roulette betting strategies are the Martingale and the Fibonacci. These strategies are also known as “” because they both increase the size of the bet after a loss and decrease it after a win. To be more specific, the Martingale involves increasing the bet on every loss, while the Fibonacci involves adding the previous two bets together to create one larger bet on the third spin.

Because both of these betting strategies involve complex mathematics, they are best used by players who are at a mastery level of the game. In addition, players can use them without the pressure of the house dealer. It’s just a matter of skill and practice, or maybe a bit of mathematics and profiling.

Martingale Strategy

To start using the Martingale strategy, you first need to write down a series of numbers, as in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Put these numbers beside the original wheel, and then write down how much you’re willing to lose (in case of a win). Make sure you include the exact amount you’re willing to lose as well, whether it’s a dollar, pound, euro, or whatever.

Then, place your bets. Let’s say you decide on a $1 bet, so you put $1 across (on the table). If you win, take the $1 pay out of your account and place the next bet on the $2 wheel. If you win, take the $1 pay out and place the next bet on the $4 wheel. You should end up with $2 on the $1 and $4 wheels, and $5 on the $2 and $6 wheels.

The problem with this strategy is that eventually, you’ll lose all of the money you have placed in the wheel at the same time. And if you haven’t noticed, casino owners take a rake of up to 5% off of each bet placed. So if your $1 bet was $10, you stand to lose $10 on a $10 bet. While you can win in the short term with this system, in the long term you’ll lose.

The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is even simpler than the Martingale. Start with the number 1. You take the first number on the wheel and add it to the number 2 on the wheel. Like always, you will end up with 1+2+3+4+5+6. Once you lose, you keep on adding the number to the end of the sequence. Once you win, you get the bet back and go to the beginning. If you lose, you cycle through the sequence again. Here’s how it works.

First, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. So if we win, we add 1 to the end of the sequence, which gives us 2-2-2-2-2. We add 1 to the second number, which gives us 3-3-3-3-1-1. We add 1 to the third number, which gives us 12-12-13-14-15-16. And so on.

The Fibonacci strategy works well, especially when playing online, because the small blind and big blind have no chance of playing back at you. Once you win, they’ll have no choice but to call, even if they don’t have odds to do so. Also, the easier it is to call because the odds of playing back at you are tiny.